Team Mission

UASGC RoboSquad is based in East Harlem where there is not a strong influence on STEM. As a team our mission is to work collaboratively and develop STEAM skills to better ourselves and promote the well-being and economic development within our community. We believe that hard work and teamwork will provide us the opportunity to bring out everyone’s true potential and create an environment that allows us to flourish.  As a school and team, we incorporate our core values in everything we do. Our core values include Respect, Diligence and Collaboration. We look towards science, technology, engineering, arts, math, history and culture and to inspire us and lead others to create a better future for our local and global community.

We come from low income families and this education is not found everyone and we want future students of our school and similar backgrounds to experience what we have our first year because it changed our lives for the better in ways we could never have imagined.