February 17th,2018

Week 6 has finally approached, Tuesday will be the last day to work on our robot and everyone is on their feet. We are extremely excited for this years competition, we love the theme and can’t wait to see how our hard work is going to pay off.  Our mechanical team is finishing their elevator lift, their work has come a long way, they have learned a lot this build season. Our design team is finishing the individual characters for each team member, I’m excited to see what mine will look like! (Of course the cutest :0) The coding team is experimenting with methods that will work best to guarantee our win, once again. The jitters are all over the place but with your support at competitions, we’ll be alright. See you at competition!

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February 4th, 2018

This weekend we have accomplished even more. So far, we were able to reorganize our tool kits, hardware, and other building materials. We finished creating our team’s avatar, which we put on a button. We also created school signage in order to promote robotics, and what we have done so far this year. Our robot’s skeleton has been completed & the elevator lift is under construction. Our elevator lift will be used in competition to lift the power cube onto the switch and scale. Our coding team has also made a lot of progress to develop a library to facilitate the development of robot’s code. The rest is top secret ;^).

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January 27th, 2018

Since our last meeting, our team members and mentors have worked extremely hard to build a prototype based on a design that will enable us to be effective in competition. Also, members on our design team have worked on creating our team uniform for this season, and they have created custom buttons that will be sent to our Custom Ink t-shirt purchasers.

Building season is all hands on deck, there are many tasks to complete in a span of only 6 weeks. However, our members have similar, but each one is unique. We asked some of them the question everyone has been dying to ask, ‘How is building season going?’

Here is what they had to say:

Joanna Aguilar; ” It’s been an exciting and efficient season. As a team we brainstorm ideas and find ways to incorporate them into our future robot!”

Ousmane Balde; “So far we are way ahead of where we were last year around this time. This is exciting because we know that there are opportunities in ways to expand our knowledge and what type of engineering we’d like to do”

Michael Nova; “It’s been fun, working with new people is intriguing and has been life changing  experience”

Julian Fandino; “I’m proud of the team” wise, blunt words from our captain.

We still have much to complete, in our next meeting, which will be on week 4, we will continue working on our prototype. The weeks that are going to come are going to be filled with hard work, wish us luck. See you at the competitions!

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January 20th, 2018

We are a couple of weeks into build season and have been working diligently to understand this year’s game and have been coming up with tactics to make sure our team is once again, number one! We have went through many safety procedures as a group to ensure our safety, have brainstormed ideas to create a working robot, and started to create our Drive and Electronic Systems.

We also had a successful Custom Ink T-Shirt fundraiser. We raised a total of $781! We want to thank everyone that purchased a T-shirt and donated to us, your support means a lot to us as a growing team. The remaining weeks left to build our robot will be challenging but I know our effort will be worth it. Wish us luck and see you at the competitions!

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October 21st, 2017

After 3 years of moving in between schools in order to prepare for our FIRST Robotics Competition, as well as having to go outside to cut metals and wood, we finally have our own lab!

The idea of having our own lab has always been on our mind, we transformed our dreams into reality when we won the 2016 NYC All Star Rookie Award. We want to give a special thanks to Queens Vocational And Technical High School for letting us reside and use their materials in order to prepare for our FIRST Robotics Competition. We would also like to thank the NYC Board of Education for helping us achieve this wonderful lab.

Our team is very excited with the new lab they have received, here is one of the many reactions.

Agustin Romero: “Its hard to believe, that from the beginning we had nothing and progressed to something we dreamed of. I am very proud of what we have become.


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July 3, 2017

A little less than a week ago we watched the seniors of our team cross the stage and become high school graduates. When the season began we would all joke about winning the regional and attending champs this year. We all hoped to end this season with a bang for our seniors to be able to say that they walked away with a victory. That joke soon became our reality and we could not be more proud. Thank you, seniors, for all the work you put into our team, you all continued to go above and beyond. Due to the long hours required we became a family and while it is sad that some will be moving on we wish them all nothing but the best. Here are their plans for this coming up year:

  • Darleane Torres will be attending Hampshire College in Massachusetts to study Technology and Business.
  • Aminah Ashrafi will be serving as a FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA.
  • Cristy Galarza will be attending Medaille College up in Buffalo New York to study Vet Tech.
  • Tyree Coger will be attending Baruch College to study Computer Information Systems.
  • Henry Zapata will be attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice to study Forensic Psychology.
  • Theodore Perry will be attending Morrisville State College.