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About The Squad

RoboSquad Team 5891 was started in 2015 by The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce, located in Harlem, NY.

Our mission is to work collaboratively as a team and engage in developing STEAM skills to better ourselves and promote well-being and economic development within our community.

We believe that hard work and teamwork will provide us the opportunity to bring out everyone’s true potential and create an environment that allows us to flourish.  As a school and team, we incorporate our core values in everything we do. Our core values include Respect, Diligence, and Collaboration.


We recognize and value cultural and ideological differences among members of our community, embodied within our words and actions. We honor each other as individuals within our larger community.


We work together to identify and solve problems, develop solutions and build our community because we will achieve more as a team than as individuals.


We hold ourselves and members of our community to high expectations in all aspects of our work and within our relationships. We can justify our decision-making to our community. We exude self-discipline and push ourselves and those around us to relentlessly achieve.


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